September 18, 2007


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all unmastered tracks are available here for download.  order this record from exotic fever. you will also be able to get mastered downloads from exotic fever, soon.

1) Speed – hear it
2) Exorcism – hear it
3) Roadkill – hear it
4) Eulogy – hear it
5) Invoking – hear it


self-released demo tape. remastered july 2008. now available in mp3. checkit below.

1) too little too late – hear it
2) dry – hear it
3) roadkill – hear it
4) running in the family – hear it
5) emotion sickness – hear it
6) breaking rank – hear it



Video of An Exorcism from May 16 2008 ART-O-MATIC show by Richie

Practice version of Invoking, July 2008: An Invoking – mp3

excerpt* from practice take of “Dry” recorded 7/10/07 at Girl Cave – MP3
*song cuts off prematurely when tape recorder plug falls out of wall because of being moshed

excerpt from “Breaking Rank” at the 12/14/07 show at Girl Cave, recorded by Alex on her cell phone – youtube

Awesome photo set from Beth Kleinpeter of the 10/24/08 Baton Rouge show, complete with documentation of the junkie fight. Sick.

Photo set from Chris Cunningham of our 2/17/09 record release show at the Black Cat in DC.

Videos from the 2/17/09 record release show at the Black Cat in DC: [ 1  2 ]

Many more photos from all sorts of turboslut hijinx.

Photos from Columbus – Jimmy Buttons.

Photos by Eric Martinez from 3/14/09 New Orleans show with STUPID MAN and PYGMY LUSH. [1 2 3 4 5]

Photos by Dan Fox from March Madness Louisiana Vacation – [ 1 2 3 ]

Photos from the Exotic Fever Showcase at SXSW, 3/19/09 by Danielle K.

Photos by Annie Marie Flanagan documenting the final disastour.

Photos from the final trial, Richmond VA 3/26/09 – here

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