January 30, 2008

our tape exists

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our tape is done and ready! we made 200 of them. they are on lavender-stamped purple cassettesĀ  with lavender-stamped, hand-numbered covers and include a lyrics sheet. above are some pictures of them. the little dried orange rose is not included. you can download all the songs if you click “hear” on the right of this page. for ordering info, please get in touch with us: turboslutsavedmylife at gmail dot com. we will ask you for three dollars and your address and we will send you a tape, or if you live in the dc area you may even be lucky enough to arrange a rendezvous with us or one of our associates.

also if you have any fun pictures from our shows we’d love to see them. they would keep us warm in the long, showless winter month of february.

January 11, 2008

cheapening your experience in ’08

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